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One Michigan Mommy loves working with businesses big and small! Here’s the thing, this blog is currently new, but the blogger isn’t! So, you sort of get the best of both worlds! Experience and a good rate!

What we cover:

  • Michigan parenting
  • Things to do in Michigan
  • Local Michigan companies
  • Travel within Michigan
  • Travel outside Michigan (limited)

Advertising Rates:

  • Side bar ads: $25 for the first 6 months
  • Promotional posts: $25 and includes social sharing

Here’s the thing, I’m keeping this blog as Michigan as I can! So, if you aren’t Michigan-based, perhaps one of my other sites would better fit you (like Beyond Attachment Parenting and Link Me to Deals)!

My goals for advertisers

We want this relationship to work – after all, most of the visitors to this blog will be from Michigan, so sharing about something only available in a store in the middle of Georgia, likely won’t work well. I want to help you reach your goals!