Our Story

One Michigan Mom came about when Amanda realized that she was no longer posting parenting, specifically Attachment Parenting, on her blog. Rather than taking away from that topic, she realized she needed a new outlet and One Michigan Mom was born.

About me and One Michigan Mom

One because I am me, I’m not anyone else. No one is me, and I am someone. You may or may not agree with me, but it doesn’t mean we can’t get along.

Michigan because I’m finally back “home.” While I was born in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula (which makes me a Yooper), after 11 years surviving time in India, Arizona and the DC metro area, we’ve made our way to a spot in between Ann Arbor and Detroit.

Mom because that’s what I spend a lot of my time being. It isn’t the only thing I do, but at times it sure does seem like it.

As a family we love to travel, being sorta green, loving, living and just plain being.

To be continued, some day.