Practical Tips and Advice for a Pest-Free Home

Pets and insects can pose lots of problems in your home. It can destroy your furniture, break down your ceiling or walls and worst of all, can bring disease causing germs and bacteria that can put your health at great risk!

Maintaining a pest-free home is very important not only because of how it can improve the value of your property, but also because of how it can ensure the health and safety of people inside the house.


Yes, there are insecticides and pesticides that you can use to drive away the pesky insects and pests but spraying alone won’t totally eliminate them. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure so instead of curing the pest problem (insecticides and pesticides), prevent it from happening by following the tips listed down below.

  • Check your house structure and look for possible entryway that pests uses to enter your home. Seal any cracks, holes and gaps that you can find. Remember, even the tiniest hole is enough for pests to gain access to your house so better seal it shut.
  • Check your gutters, drainage, drain pipes and other areas of your property where pests might dwell and multiply.
  • Remove any piles of wood, lumber or stones near your home. These items provide food and shelter to insects and pets so better keep them away at your house as much as possible.
  • Inspect any water leakage and fix it up immediately. Wet surfaces and stagnant water can serve as good breeding grounds for insects like mosquitoes.
  • Trim the plants, bushes and trees near your house. Make sure that the branches of trees outside your home don’t touch the surface of your house. This will lessen the possibility of pests gaining access into your home.
  • If you have pets, like cats and dogs, make sure that they are always clean and tidy. Bathe them regularly to keep them free from fleas and other pet parasites.
  • Clean your house thoroughly. A clean and organized home is the most effective way to keep pests away! Remove the piles of magazine, cardboards and newspapers and throw them away if necessary. Keep your kitchen clean and dry as much as possible. Pick up and clean any food particles that you can find. Make sure that your garbage and trash cans are well covered. Resolve and fix any moisture issues. Check your cupboards, cabinets and shelves to make sure that they are clean too.


Maintaining a pest and insect free home is quite a challenge for some. But with the above given tips and advice, pretty sure it can be done in no time.

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