4 Tips to moving to a new home with little stress

Lessen the moving stress.

Having moved, a few times, including internationally, I know moving is tough. I also tend to be a bit of a pack rat. I keep too much stuff, but moving forces you to make room and get rid of things. So here are some moving tips for moving.

Moving to a new home can be exciting albeit stressful. While there are so many things to do when it comes to selling your home and moving to a new place, there are ways to cut down on the stress and allow for the experience to be rewarding and exciting for the entire family. This article will provide a few tips on how to move in to your new home with as little stress as possible, even if you have too much stuff.

Moving homes

Packing up for a move

Hire a dumpster service. 

Hiring a service like Eagle Dumpster can cut out a great deal of stress. While you are moving items out of your home, you are likely to come across things that you no longer need or want. You may also find old toys or other items that are broken and need to be discarded. Instead of bagging up dozens of garbage bags full of debris, simply hire a dumpster service. They will come to your home and put a dumpster in your driveway for a period of time. When you are done with the dumpster, they will come back over and pick it up and haul it to a landfill. You will not have to worry about transporting garbage on your own and this can take a great deal of stress off of your shoulders. 

Be organized. 

When you make a decision to move, it is best to try to be as organized as possible. Pack your items in boxes and label them clearly. Pack the items you use the most and put them to the side. By doing so, you will be able to quickly find the items you most often use and will not have to worry about sifting through dozens of boxes to find your hairbrush.

Take your time but be efficient.

When moving to a new place, it is easy to just want to throw everything into a box and go. While this is a good idea in theory, it can actually turn out to be a disaster later on. The reason that you should try to avoid this method is because you will likely have a hard time finding your items after you move. If you put everything in one box that is unorganized, you will be stressed later on trying to find your most prized possessions. Our tips is to take your time and try to pack things in an organized fashion. Be efficient and pack all of your sheets in one box, towels in another box, toiletries in another. This way you can label your boxes and be able to find everything based on how you packed.

Donate unwanted things.

Chances are high that when you are moving, you will likely come across clothes, toys, and stuffed animals that you no longer have a use for. Instead of throwing these good, but older items into the dumpster, pack them up and take them to your local homeless shelter or donation drop off site.