5 Items all new parents should invest in

Becoming a parent is a life changing experience and one that can lend itself to many emotions. The exhilaration of becoming a parent is thrilling yet terrifying. The thought of preparing your home and lifestyle to welcome a newborn can be stressful at the same time. While babies don’t need a whole lot, there are some sanity savers. This article will help identify some items that new parent should consider investing in when they find out that they are expecting.

5 things new parents need

Five Things Parents Need


Five Items That Help A New Parent

Fetal doppler.

Because of advancements in technology, parents are not able to invest in a fetal doppler that can be used at home. A fetal doppler allows for parents to listen to their growing child’s heartbeat whenever they feel like it from the comfort of their own home. Some say that this allows for early bonding with the developing child. It also allows for family and friends who cannot go to doctor’s appointments to also get to hear the baby’s heartbeat. While this is a unique opportunity, many parents do not know that this device exists. To find out more information, visit https://parentsneed.com/top-5-best-fetal-dopplers/ Many midwives carry them, so if you are choosing a homebirth they may have one as well!

Car seat.

Many times new parents forget that they will be transporting the child home from the hospital, unless of course you are having a home birth. Be sure that you read and do research and car seats so that you are aware of what will be the best for your family while the child continues to grow. Many car seats are made for newborns only. But there are some that will allow the child to use the seat for years as it expands or converts into a larger seat. Make sure that before you go to the hospital for the birth, that the car seat is properly installed into your car, or the base of the carseat is if you have a bucket-style seat.

It would be a damper on an exciting occasion to have to install the carseat in the parking lot with your newborn in tow. Not every seat fits well into every car. I personally by-pass the “bucket” seat because they’re so heavy! See the sling recommendation below.


While in the hospital, your baby will sleep restfully in a bassinet that is provided. However, when you get home, you will need to provide your little one with a comfortable place to sleep. It is recommended that newborns sleep in a bassinet that does not have blankets or pillows. Your child should sleep on in the same room as you. This will be convenient for middle of the night feedings or snuggles and allow you to assist your child if needed. Once they start rolling, it is time to upgrade to a crib or even a floor bed if you’re co-sleeping.

But, a bassinet is good for those early weeks when baby sleeps a lot. While having a bassinet is great while the child is a newborn, you may eventually need to transition your child to their own sleeping space. You can also choose a floor bed that can later become their own bed. Purchasing a crib before you need it will prepare you for the next step in childrearing. Be sure to research cribs and purchase one that has good safety ratings. One that can transition into a bed can also be useful and save money. Choose one that is also in your budget. If you are going to splurge, choose a “green” mattress.

Changing table.

You can your child’s diaper on the couch or floor, but having a changing table is a nice perk. It is a good idea to get a changing table that you can make your diaper changing center. It can be a command center with all the supplies that are needed to change your baby’s diaper.  Choose a table that has some storage underneath for easy use.

A Sling. 

Babies love to be held. Keeping baby close can be great for bonding. The tummy to tummy time can also help keep baby upright and get head control. But most of all, it keeps a parent close, especially when you’re out and about and everyone wants to touch the baby! You can find a baby wearing group through Babywearing International. There, you can try out various slings. Their baby wearing educators can help find a good fit so that you know that you’re baby wearing safely.

In all, many will say they need bottles and special blankets and… and… and… yes all those ands! But a few simple items of clothing, some diapers (cloth or otherwise) will really go far. You do not need a lot for a baby. What they mostly need is love and nourishment. Those two go far!