5 Painless places to get a Piercing

There are many ways to style yourself and body piercings is a favorite way to do so for many people around the world. Whether your piercing represents a cultural statement or is simply a look that you want to have, many people are afraid of getting a piercing because they are terrified that it will cause them great pain. While it may be true that some piercings can cause some pain temporarily, they should not hurt forever. This article will highlight some areas on the body that you can get a piercing without enduring a great deal of pain.

Always have piercings done by someone properly trained in a sanitary environment.


  • Earlobe. The earlobe is considered to be one of the most painless places to get a piercing which is why many choose to do so. It is not completely uncommon for parents to take their young children to get their ears pierced because it is so painless. The reason for this is that the earlobe tissue is very soft and is easy to get a needle through it. Be sure to only have your ear pierced by a piercing needle. Piercing guns can be painful and apply so much pressure that your earlobe tissue can become damaged. For a painless procedure, you will want to choose a piercer that is knowledgeable and trained properly.


  • Septum. While most may think that piercing will be painful, it does not actually go through the cartilage of the septum. Instead, the piercing goes through the thin skin that is actually in front of the cartilage area. While this piercing should not be painful, many complain that it is. That is because they likely hired a piercing professional who was not trained appropriately or was new to the job. Be sure that you choose an experienced piercer for a painless experience.


  • Tongue. A central tongue piercing should not cause you a great deal of pain although it is thick and has a great deal of tissue to pierce through. As we mentioned above, it is important that you select a well-trained and experienced piercer to perform the procedure to experience the least amount of pain.


  • Bridge. The Bridge or Erl piercing is not considered to be painful although it may look like it. Piercing the bridge of your nose may not be as popular as other piercings, but it is considered to be one of the least painful.


  • Prince Albert. The only genital piercing highlighted in this post, the Prince Albert is surprisingly not that painful as it utilizes the natural hole of the urethra so a small cut only need be applied to the underside of the penis. The skin in this area is extremely thin and can take place in a moment. A quick and painless piercing can be yours in one of the most unique places on your body in a matter of moments.

No matter what body part you are planning to pierce, it is important that you wear jewelry that can withstand the test of time. Be sure to check out Pierce Body for all of your piercing needs.