5 Tips to brewing the perfect cup of coffee

Coffee is clearly American. When the activists of the Boston Tea Party dumping the taxed tea in the Boston Harbor it was the start of a revolution against taxation without representation, but also a morning cuppa was changed to coffee. Even now we want to brew the perfect cup of coffee!

5 Tips to brewing the perfect cup of coffee

5 Tips to brewing the perfect cup of coffee

Coffee is arguably this generation’s go to drink when going out with friends, workmates, relatives and other loved ones. Many people, especially coffee enthusiasts, find their social bonding more enjoyable and fruitful with coffee. In fact, the coffee industry has enjoyed a massive increase in their popularity in the past few decades because of this. And as you enjoy and learn to love the unique aroma and taste of coffee, you will eventually develop taste buds to particularly like a distinct brew of coffee. With that being said, our friends at Perfect Coffee Solutions, in the spirit of sharing and for the love of coffee, have provided us with 5 tips to brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

  1. Water

Water is a very important ingredient in brewing the perfect coffee. Usually, unless you have no other choice, using tap water for your coffee is a big no no. Tap water contains a lot of chemicals and minerals that will harm the quality of your coffee which will eventually affect the quality of your brew, not to mention the odor of the tap water which will also have a significant effect. If however, you don’t have a choice, then allow the tap water to flow for a few seconds before using it. And most importantly, remember the golden rule in the combination of water and coffee; for every 6 ounces of water, use only 2 tablespoons of ground coffee.

  1. Temperature of Water

Although common sense dictates that coffee should only be brewed with hot water, as brewing with cold water will not fully extract the taste and aroma of the coffee beans, there is a certain rule or proper temperature that must be followed in order to maximize the extraction process of the coffee beans. Ideally, the temperature should just be around 200 Fahrenheit before you add the coffee beans.

Note: If you are manually boiling the water, then allow the boiling water to simmer for at most 2 minutes before you use them.

  1. Coffee Beans

Beans play a very important role in brewing your coffee. There are many kinds of coffee grinds with different sizes that will bring about different aromas and taste. Try shopping at your local stores or even coffee beans specialty shops for the best or most popular coffee beans for them. It is also good to visit coffee shops and talk with fellow coffee enthusiasts and ask them about their preferences, exchange observations and notes about your coffee and you will eventually find the perfect coffee beans that will suit your taste.

  1. Cleanliness

In brewing coffee, it goes without saying that all the utensils and equipment must be cleaned. However, this needs to be emphasized as some people tend to ignore the cleanliness of their brewers and the filters inside them. Practice regular cleaning and changing of filters. Filters come in different qualities, so try to research on how often you should be changing them according to your use – the degree and how often.

  1. Experiment and Decorate

Do not be afraid to experiment and try different variations, there are many different techniques and order, as long as you take notes and remember your experiments, you will eventually achieve the perfect brew for your taste.

The aesthetics also adds to the general taste and feel of the coffee, so practice some basic techniques like drawing a leaf or a heart-shaped creamer in your coffee. This will surely impress your visitors and friends, not to mention scoring a few positive points to your crush.