ISO Cohosts $100 American Girl Gift Cards – Blogger Opp

Are you a blogger with an American-Girl loving fan base? If so, this would be a great opportunity for you! We are finalizing our American Girl giveaway and are seeking co-hosts! This will be promoted on a few avenues, including paid promotions, and we plan MASSIVE reach on this!

We are seeking co-hosts as well as people to help promote the giveaway (and people to help us find potential EPIC American Girl Rooms!)

seeking cohosts for American Girl giveaway

Seeking cohosts for American Girl Giveaway

We will be using Facebook Promoted posts to help gain reach as well as promoted pins as needed!

We have a variety of options for those interested! 

If you have readers who may love American Girl or who love giveaways, you’ll want to come in as either a cohost (with or without posting options) or as someone who just helps to promote this awesome summer giveaway!

If you are an American Girl lover who wants to know when the entries and giveaway will begin, subscribe to this page and we’ll keep you updated!

American Girl 2016 Giveaway Dates to remember:

6/24-7/2 Cohosts accepted
7/2 – HTML for all sent for call for entries, required for those not paying the “no post” fee.
7/30 – Call for epic American Girl room closes
7/31 – Additional hosts and entries no longer accepted.
7/31-8/2 Cohosts determine finalists (no more than 10 finalists, no fewer than 5)
8/3 HTML sent for giveaway
8/31 giveaway closes

Two winners
$50 for best American Girl room in the world*
$50 to one person who voted (and entered)

For the voters $50 – ALL of their entries are verified, not just their winning one.

So with two winners, and a lot of fun ways to celebrate American Girl, why not join us on this giveaway? If you have any questions, leave them on the form or comment below.