6 Expert Tips and Advice in Choosing Perfect Area Rugs

There are almost endless of ways that you can do to enhance the look of your house. You can repaint your wall into something vibrant and new, move your furniture from one place to another or even buy new display items if you have the budget.

But if you don’t have the time or that big budget to give your home a new look, area rugs can surely help. Area rugs are one of the most underutilized home items that can definitely transform your home into something fresh and new.

And to help you with your “home improvement with area rugs” journey, here are few expert tips and advice that you can follow.

Consider your interior theme

Area rugs and any other kinds of floor coverings come in various shapes, sizes and colors. So before buying area rugs, make sure that you already identified the theme of your home or room’s interior. This will help you choose the right color and pattern of the rugs that can complement your home. If you don’t know where or how to start, check out Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.

Use the proper size of rug

Some homeowners tend to buy floor covering that is quite too small for the floor space. They tend to buy rugs that are smaller to the place where it will be used in. If you plan to use area rugs beneath your furniture, make sure that it’s larger than your item. Make sure that the area it can cover is larger than your furniture item.

Carpet Rugs

Use the right shape

For round furniture, like round coffee table, use rounded floor coverings underneath them. Same thing goes with square furniture and so on. Using the same shape of area rug can give your home or room a more unified and clean look.

Use area rugs on hardwood floors

Hardwood floor looks really elegant. This is why some homeowners opt not to use any kind of rugs or floor coverings at areas where hardwood flooring are installed. But the truth is, area rugs can amplify and further enhance the beauty of wooden flooring. With the right shape, color and size of area rugs, the beauty and elegance of hardwood floors can be seen even more. Also, floor coverings can better protect the wood from scratch and damage brought by foot traffic and furniture.

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Consider using non-slip pad type of rugs

Carpets that are placed on hardwood, vinyl floors and tiled floors tend to slip and slide around. Better use non-slip pad to keep them in place. Never even use any kind of adhesive strips or glue to keep the coverings in place as it can cause unwanted damage to your flooring.

Layer Area Rugs on Top of Carpet

If your room or home has a wall-to-wall carpeting, it’s pretty ideal to use area rugs above it too. This can certainly add more life and color to your interior. This can also give your room a more relaxing and comfortable ambiance.

Area Rug Floor Coverings

Using area rugs is the easiest and most convenient way of redesigning your home’s interior. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration, Pinterest and YouTube have tons of samples.

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