Buy it anyway? American Girl recycles another doll, Tenney Grant

Tenney Grant has hit the scene and after a week of people going back and forth on whether she is worth it, people are still wondering if she will be worth it. After all, the classic mold is getting a bit old. It appears the fact that she does not have permanent panties, collectors are going ahead with her, in-spite of the fact that she is another blonde hair doll.

What is the permanent panties issue?

Dolls are toys meant to inspire children to play make believe. Part of make believe is dress up. Well, American Girl is rumored to be opening up shop abroad (Dubai perhaps?) and due to that keeping the dolls more conservative is apparently the thing.

I’ve lived in India and I can say that a sizable percent of families there don’t like that Barbies get naked. Since the Tenney Grand doll is with a boy doll, it is likely that this doll won’t be marketed abroad where it is considered shameful to have dolls naked. I mean you can’t have a naked girl doll whose friend is a boy!

Novelty Wears Off with Mass Market?

We have to wonder with the new lines of dolls that Mattel is giving and that they’re practically EVERY WHERE, if the novelty of paying over $100 will wear off when parents do not see anything new for the dolls. I mean they admitted that Gabriela is an old “just like you” with a new outfit. So, this doll has a moulded hand so she can hold a guitar, but really, how new is she?

Tenney Grant is a singer and in her second book it gets into a bit of empathy issues. Watch for that review soon.

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