Disclosure and Privacy

Time for the disclosure – this is basically something that I’m telling you so that you know not only what I’m learning about you when you visit, but also what keeps this blog going. After all, my time and the bandwidth, photo editing when needed, and everything else including hosting, registration, etc is not free. Plus, it takes time to create a blog, tweek it so you can read it, edit it and make sure I have content that interests you, my reader! Without you, my awesome readers, I’d just be writing a journal, and I left livejournal probably a decade ago. 🙂

  • So here’re the basics:
    • This blog accepts various forms of payment, including through affiliate links, free items (which I disclose something like “X company lovingly sent us this new Y to try, and I’m letting you know how we liked it!), or paid posts to help promote their products.
    • I want you to trust what I have to say so I will disclose when I’m paid in any way to promote a product or service.
    • However, I have friends and I will sometimes support them without being paid… that’s because I like them and likely what they do.

I am a member of Amazon Affiliates, as well as a some other affiliate networks. So if you click a link like Amazon Affiliates  I may be compensated if you purchase an item after clicking the link.