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DIY American Girl Photo booth – Your Life Size Doll for Birthday Parties!

Earlier this month my daughter had her 8th birthday party. She wanted an American Girl themed party at the place she does gymnastics. I  know that when you do a destination party, usually a theme isn’t needed, but I also wanted to make sure that my daughter got her AG birthday party wish, since next  year she may not feel comfortable having a doll party. Well, we did it! Here I’m sharing with you how I was able to create an American Girl photo booth using a golf box! This can be done for under $15 too! This post contains affiliate links.

American Girl photo booth ideas

Does your girl want an American Girl birthday party? Here’s an awesome idea to have a photo booth that is basically your girl as a doll!

What you need to create a girl-sized American Girl Photobooth Box

  • A large box, we chose a shipping box for golf clubs.
  • Red spray paint
  • White paper
  • Pink/purple/silver paper (for stars)
  • Xacto Knife
  • Glue

We chose to use an exacto knife to cut the circle. Then, instead of getting either white duct tape or getting paper around it, I used a paper plate.

american girl

American girl photo booth how to DIY

Simple steps to an epic American Girl party: photo booth! It takes you putting the box on each of the kids, but you can see, it is fun for Boys too! 🙂

Hits and tips for making the American Girl Photobooth box

Depending on the box you use and your perfectionist, you may want to “prime” over any lettering from the box (ours said FedEx, but I let small imperfections flow through). If you want it blank, you can order it from Amazon, but it is more expensive.

Spray paint the box. We did NOT do the back. If you do the back,  you’ll need 2 cans of spray paint. I used one can, and picked the cheapest one from the craft store and used a 50% off coupon.

Allow to dry outside over night. We left ours in the garage.

Cut stars out – I traced the inside and outside of a cookie cutter so I had various sizes.

Use an Xacto knife for cutting the circle – slow and steady wins the race here!

Fold the bottom flaps into the box instead of cutting. No one wants to do that extra cutting!

Tape down the top of the box, you can cover the tape with more stars, but kids don’t notice those things!

A glass of wine is also helpful.

Make this into a Halloween Costume!

Now, for Halloween, we just need to add some arm holes and make the head “cushy” and we should be set!

Don’t forget to enter to win our Pleasant Company American Girl Addy Walker giveaway, which ends 3/31/16.