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6 Fireplace Safety Tips and Advice That Everyone Must Read

Having an efficiently working fireplace during the winter season is truly amazing. The warmth it gives makes the house more cozy and comfortable for each and every person at home.

For the fireplace to work the way they should be, proper care and maintenance must be strictly observed. Extra safety precautions must also be taken to avoid any kind of fire-related accidents. For more fireplace safety tips and advice, check out the following information.


Have your chimney inspected and cleaned regularly by professionals.

Your chimney must be inspected and cleaned yearly by professionals. Aside from effectively removing any kind of dust, dirt and grime, this can be very beneficial for your home insurance. Remember, a well maintained chimney can effectively prevent any inconvenience brought by fire and smoke damage.

Utilize chimney cap.

Prevent any kind of animals from blocking your chimney by installing a chimney cap. Caps with screens can effectively prevent any kind of animals from entering the chimney that might become a problem when the winter season arrives. The cap can also prevent rain water from directly entering your chimney thus protecting it from water-induced damages.

Utilize fireplace grate.

Using fireplace grate can extend the life of your fireplace’s flooring and wall. Although the concrete that is usually used in fireplace creation are very durable, a prolonged exposure and direct contact with fire will cause it to break in the future. Most safety experts also highly recommend using grate for wood burning fireplace.

Strategically place a fire extinguisher near your fireplace.

Always make sure that you have a fire extinguisher placed near your fireplace. Chimney fires happen a lot of times so don’t take things lightly and get your extinguisher always ready. Also, it’s a good idea to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so you’ll get informed that fire might be breaking out before things gets out of hand.

Take the ashes out, always!

Make sure that the ashes are already cool before removing them out. Store them in a non-combustible container outside of your house.

Remove any flammable object/materials around or near your fireplace.

Plastic toys, plants, papers and alcoholic drinks must be kept away from fireplace at all times. Easy to burn and combustible materials must not be allowed to be placed near the fireplace. Remember, even the tiniest spark on flammable objects can trigger a house fire.

Most important tip of all, never leave your fire unattended. Also, make sure that fire is out before sleeping or going out.

Fireplace Home

Following these tips and advice can give you the peace of mind knowing that no fire-related accidents will happen inside your house, ever.

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