Could this be the best paper airplane folder? He’s only 6! WOW.

How many ways are there to fold a paper airplane? If you really want to know the best way to fold paper airplane than look no further. Well, being the not-so-origami-inclined, I’m not one to even have a ballpark idea. But, my son, who just finished kindergarten, has been folding paper since he was 3. He started his paper folding with boats, and simple airplanes, but by the time he was 4, he was folding airplanes better than I could. I do use a simple design, but he has a dozen or so under his sleeves, and the one he shows you here is one of his favorites. This paper airplane glides perfectly, and if he can do it, don’t you think you can as well? To help you, he’s decided to make paper airplane tutorials.

This here is his first full-length paper airplane tutorial. He may be some-what shy, but he’s able to fold a paper airplane like a boss. No doubt about it, his dad’s engineering mind has come through here. Because no, I cannot fold a paper airplane anything like this. Don’t miss the end, because those last few touches are what makes an airplane glide!

Paper airplane tutorial live by a 6 year old

So you think you can make an epic paper airplane? So can this 6 year old – here’s his first paper airplane making

And, yes, I bet he can fold a better paper airplane than you can.

Watch this 6 year old fold a paper airplane like a boss!

While I may be biased, I have to think that, since he can fold airplanes better than I can, he gives a good percent of kids his age a run for their paper-folding money. So, even if he isn’t the best paper airplane maker, he’s the sweetest paper airplane maker in my eyes!

What sorts of unique talents do your kids have?