Home Improvement: 5 Things to Look For When Purchasing a Cordless Impact Driver

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Tool Guide: Impact Driver

Cordless impact drivers are regarded as one of the most important at home tools to have. Impact drivers are more than just “powerful drills.” They work at high speeds and can work well in any of your projects. Taking home something from Ikea? Don’t use the “key” use an impact driver. Today this tool has been considerably upgraded and made more powerful while lessening the possibility of overheating. Many of today’s cordless impact drivers also boast of longer battery life and motors with higher efficiency, which makes this tool an asset to any toolbox.  Comparoid provides a comprehensive review of cordless impact drivers available in the market today. 

In the height of summer, when most home improvement projects are usually done, having a reliable tool will allow you to do a lot of things efficiently.  If you are yet to buy your cordless impact driver, here are some basic things you need to consider before making your choice.


When it comes to cordless impact driver efficiency, the basic things that must be checked include RPM (revolutions per minute), torque, and attachments. This type of driver produces more RPM than a standard drill for heavy-duty tasks. Faster RPM helps protect the drill bit and prevent motor overheating. Torque, on the other hand, increases the effectiveness of the tool. Brands with multiple speed settings help in gaining better control of the driver. Finally, the impact driver must be compatible with right angle attachment, which turns your cordless impact driver into a one-hand tool. Other features to look at include adjustable or electronic clutch and keyless chuck.

Battery Life

The battery life of your impact driver is a crucial indicator of its ease of use. Drivers with short battery life get in the way of accomplishing tasks. You don’t want to be charging batteries too often. When yiou are busy with your home improvement projects you should not have battery issues. Look for brands using lithium- ion batteries as they hold longer charge and charges quickly than nickel batteries. You can also look for a back up battery if you will be doing long projects.


When it comes to your tools, size matters and your cordless impact driver is not an exception.  Lightweight batteries and the use of lightweight but highly durable materials is becoming the trend in new models. Make sure that you are getting the most comfortable size as possible without sacrificing efficiency. You will need this when working on walls, ceilings or other areas where you need to hold the impact driver much longer. If it is too heave you may end up with a sloppy job.


The versatility of an impact driver can be seen in its inclusion of socket adapters. Also look for one with all-in-one socket ready chucks. This will help convert your driver into an impact wrench for fastening jobs. These are helpful not only for home repair projects but for automotive works, as well.


When it comes to price, be wary of excessively cheap cordless impact drivers. They may sacrifice quality to compensate for the price difference. However, you need not buy the most expensive ones if average-priced impact drivers already offer all the features you are looking for. The high-end ones are not meant for at-home people. 

Finding the right product will help you in the long run. You won’t buy one item only to have to buy a new one for the next project.