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Home Organizing Tips For a More Spacious and Comfortable Home

Home organizing can be really tedious if you don’t know what to do or where and how to start. It can cause a lot of stress and headache especially if you are living in a big house. Truth is home organizing doesn’t have to be that stressful. With proper planning and preparation, it can be an easy and lightweight task.

If you are struggling in home organization and you are looking for ideas and advice, the below tips can surely help you out. Follow each and every one of them and you are on your way into a more organized, spacious and comfortable home.

Organized Room

Organizing the living room

Your living room serves as the central or common room of your house. This is where you and your family members usually hang out. This is also where you welcome your guest and visitors most of the time. In order to organize your living room, you must first identify the things and stuff that are not supposed to be in the area. Put them away or take them back to where they really belong.  It’s also best to buy and use multi-functional furniture.

If you have kids, chances are there will be loose toys in your living room. One good remedy for this is to place a designated toy box at one corner and tell your kids to put their toys there after playing. You can also designate a play area at your living room where your kids can play their toys.

Organizing the bedroom

Your bedroom can be the most cluttered part or area of your home. Start by organizing your closet. Pull out all of your items and sort them out thoroughly. Donate the seldom used items and throw away the old or damaged ones. Store the off-season clothes in one box and store it somewhere else so they won’t catch dirt and dust. This could free up some space thus allowing you to store more stuff and items inside your closet.

Organizing the kitchen

Categorize and store each and every kitchen item according to their usage. For those frequently used items, store them within arm’s reach. For rarely used ones, you can store them at the end side of your kitchen cabinet. Also make sure to free up your counter from clutter. Remove any other stuff and item that doesn’t belong in your kitchen.

Organizing the bathroom

Bathroom organization is fairly easy compared to other rooms. Just make sure that your bathroom items have their own designated area or space to avoid any kind of mix ups. Remove old shampoo bottles and unused/expired essentials. Install extra hooks and rods at the back of your bathroom door. You can also try installing shelves at the corner or above the door for extra storage space for your towels and more.

These tips and advice will surely help you organize your home without stressing yourself too much.

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