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6 Life Saving Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe and Secure at Your Own Home!

Home safety and security is the most important thing for every homeowner. Securing the house for potential break-ins and burglary is always on the top of their mind. This is why installing CCTVs, extra security locks and alarms are considered a top priority, most especially if it’s a new house.

Door Safety

But how about the safety of the people, especially the kids, against accidents inside the house? According to research and studies conducted by the professionals, many homeowners overlook this part of home safety. There are parents who fail to child-proof their home that results into accidents that sometimes are too fatal.

Child proofing the house is as important as securing your home against burglars. Below are some tips and advice that will help you identify and resolve child safety hazards.

Sharp Edges and Corners

Every room in the house must be checked for edges and corners that are too sharp. They must be covered with cushions that can help prevent potential cuts and wounds. Coffee tables, desks, shelves, cabinets and furniture must be thoroughly checked for sharp edges.

Stairs Protection

If you have a baby or a toddler, it’s a must that you put safety gates at your stairway to avoid dangerous fall. According to statistics, children ages 14 and below account for almost 30% of fall-related injuries and death. Do not let your loved one become a part of this staggering percentage. Install safety guards or gates at your stairs as soon as you can.

Choking and Indigestion Hazards

Small toys, objects and poisonous substances must always be kept out of children’s reach. Same thing goes for sharp and breakable items. Keep your pet’s foods out of reach as well. Better if you can keep them inside cabinets secured with locks.

Falling Furniture

It’s a must that you secure your furniture to the wall. This will avoid them from falling when your child climbs on it due to curiosity or as a part of playing routine. TV/Entertainment sets or centers, bookshelves and cabinets with heavy objects placed on top must be attached and secured very wall onto the wall. Check out the video below to learn more.

Kitchen Safety

Install stove guards or railings to prevent your kids from getting burns or accidentally turning the gas on. Kitchen knives must be put out of kids’ reach too. If you have a high stool or chair at your kitchen, always keep an eye on it when your kid is present.

Electrical Hazards

Pit plug covers at unused outlets. Electrical cords must be kept out of sight of the kids as much as possible. Never leave any electrical items, tools and gadgets unattended.

These safety tips and advices can potentially save your kids life. Make them your top priority and act on them ASAP!

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