Keeping Up with Trends: 4 Trendy materials used on furniture in 2017

Decorating your home can be a joy, but it can also be a challenge to match up materials on furniture to other textiles in your home such as carpets or curtains. If you are in the market to update your home with new furniture, this article will help you pick out furniture that is made of trendy materials such as the Danetti – Aria Collection.

  • Felt and wood. One of the most popular looks on the market in 2017 is the combination of wood and felt made into stools, benches, and coffee tables. With clean, simple, designs, you can update your home with wood frames and strategically placed furniture that has felt intertwined within the wood. This style is particularly utilized most to decorate a home in the winter months as felt gives off a warm vibe. Your space will look comfortable, stylish, and trendy without breaking the bank.


  • Faux marble table. For a classy, clean, modern look, try a faux marble table in your home. The soft look of the marble and the clean coloring can really bring out colors in your walls, furniture, and other accent pieces. Faux marble looks best in homes with a coastal theme. Pair the table with some great accents such as a navy rug, curtains, or sofa as well as copper or gold candles to complete the look.
  • Transparent pieces. If you are looking for a more modern look while providing a futuristic edge at the same time, transparent furniture is a great option for you. While they may be hard to keep clean if you have small children, transparent furniture is a great way to spruce up your home and also show off other nicknacks. For example, if you have a transparent coffee table in your family room, you can add photos or other trinkets to the inside of the table. These small items can be a perfect conversation starter when friends or family members come over to visit.
  • Brass. For fall 2017, brass has been hitting designer showrooms all over the world. Brass has been said to be the popular material that is now taking over the copper trend. If you are interested in furnishing your home with some brass pieces, consider doing so in your family or living room where you will need a coffee table and side tables. Tables with brass legs are a great way to dress up your space without spending above your means. Not to mention, brass is a material that is in style all in every season.

Updating your home decor with new, trendy materials does not have to be a challenge or overly expensive. Simply switch out some current furniture with a new brass piece or add a transparent piece to your current furnishings. You do not have to do a complete overhaul on your furniture to update your home’s style and charm. Add a new table, change our your current seating arrangements, or add some new accents to your home for a fresh new look.