Michigan’s Governor’s Race is Heating up

With just a few months left of 2021, campaigning for November 8, 2022 has already begun. The Michigan 2022 governor Race is underway. Michigan’s current governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has calmed a bit down from her overzealous covid control. She is obviously realizing she cannot be too extreme and gain any voters, since her approval among moderates and even some Democrats waned with her actions during the shutdown of 2020.

The Michigan 2022 Governor Race is bound to be one watched by not just Michiganders, but also through out the nation. The balance of power impacts world politics as well.

Who is Running Against Whitmer in 2022

Democrat: Gretchen Whitmer (incumbent)

Libertarian: Not yet declared


Mike Brown, former Michigan State Police

Austin Chenge, military veteran

James Craig, Detroit Police chief (won the Straw poll recently on Mackinac Island)

Tudor Dixon, steel industry worker, turned “America’s Voice Live” host

Ryan D Kelley, a small business owner

Ralph Rambrandt, pastor from Farmington Hills

Bob Scott, evangelical minister

Garrett Saldono, Unlock Michigan spearhead and chiropractor

Evan Space, National Guard veteran (no formal committee/website found)

Who is Endorsing the 2022 Michigan Governor Race Candidates

Whitmer has Angie’s list endorsing her.

Mike Brown has received an endorsement from Ted Nugent.

Tudor Dixon has CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) endorsement.

Rembrandt has received an endorsement from SOUTHEASTERN MICHIGAN ASSOCIATION OF CHIEFS OF POLICE

Who Can Beat Whitmer in 2022 Governor Race?

The questions most are wondering is WHO can beat Whitmer – honestly, Whitmer is now trying to clean up her own mess because she lost the confidence of many moderates with her draconian style of governing in 2020 and into 2021.

Many are calling Detroit Police Chief James Craig the front runner, especially after he won the straw poll on Mackinac Island recently. However, until the people have spoken in the primaries (where Democrats CAN and WILL vote for a weaker candidate to run against Whitmer), we can’t be sure who will run against Whitmer.

When it comes to Michigan politics, this purple state has some Yellow Libertarians and independents who will have their voice in the 2022 Michigan Governor Race as well.

Who do you see representing the republican and libertarian parties against Whitmer in 2022? Who can win?