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Michigan Noodle Lovers! Pasta Fresca returns, and you can win too!

When it comes to noodles and kicking the spice into your food with some fusion food, Noodles & Company has you covered. As a blogger, I’ve been invited to try new foods with Noodles & Co has not let us down with their variety and tasty options. This past week I was able to taste some items on their menu. This included the new and improved Pasta Fresca which has made its way back on the menu!

Noodles and Company new pasta fresca 2017

What is it about the zing of balsamic vinegar that just makes any noodle dish perfect for summer? Add on these veggies and you have a perfect meal from Noodles and Company

Pasta Fresca is back!

Pasta Fresca is a penne pasta with a balasamicĀ vinegar tossed into a true collaboration of flavors and color. The zing of the balsamic vinegar is so tasty and leaves you craving that combo with the parmesan cheese. The color of this tasty dish comes from the variety of tomato, roasted garlic, red onion, spinach and of course the parmesan.

They really do have a lot of great options and the fact that this is an easy vegetarian dish is great for my family. Half of the family is vegetarian and honestly we’re not at all big meat eaters for those of us who are omnivores.

We also love spice so Noodles and Company is already one of our favoriteĀ fusion places to go for a good price lunch or dinner when we head out. You can choose a spicy dish or not spicy dish. Oh and their mac and cheese is great too šŸ˜‰

My favorites at Noodles and Company

My favorite at Noodles and Company has got to be the Green Curry or the Chipotle Adobo.

Chipotle + adobo = yum #loveit #tastethis #noodlestasting #inspired #spicy ad #noodlesandcompany

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What is your favorite noodle? Have you tried Noodle and company before? What is your favorite dish there? Don’t forget to enter to win!

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