Michigan, Snow. It is about Friggen Time.

I’m a Yooper. I may have left the UP in 2004, but I’m still a Yooper. So this past weekend it was over 50 degrees here in SE Michigan and my son asked, “What’s the temperature?” I told him and he said it was the perfect temperature… just a bit cool.

He was wearing shorts. Outside. Yep, that was the temperature.

Now we have two days in to the school week and the kids are stuck in doors because it is below 15 with windchill.

You know what that means…we finally have snow.

I also got our gas bill from last month. Yep, that was without this much snow, so I’m about ready to keep the house at 63 so that we don’t have double the bill again. I mean this month’s gas bill was 4 times the one in October. Yeah, there goes my budget.

But yes, we’re finally seeing wintery weather in southeast Michigan. I know the UP has had its bit of snow for a while, but even there it was above average temps for a while. I mean, we drop up there for Thanksgiving and there was no snow on the drive up (but there was snow down here for like 2 days).


The weather is finally #winterweather #Michigan #Detroit #annarbor #blue #white #fauxfur

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Michigan’s known for a few things:

  • Cars
  • Snow
  • Water
  • Blue state
  • Guns

So finally we have the snow, in the midst of The North American International Auto Show here in Detroit. I sure hope that those visiting don’t get stuck due to weather. What’s the saying? Come for a visit, stuck because of the snow? Or, is that just in the UP?

@acura Precision Concept on display, introduced by John Ikeda and Takahiro Hachigo at #NAIAS #NAIAS2016 #acura

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In other Michigan news, Michigan is now claiming it is safe to bathe in water full of lead. So while they’re handing out free filters to residents of Flint, they’re trying to act like contaminated water is okay to keep the kiddos sitting in, so long as you make sure they don’t drink it. Yeah, they’ll believe you. After all, you’ve only been poisoning them for the last few years to save a few dollars.

More on lead from the CDC here. Of course they say that we should be concerned about lead being in cheap toys, but yeah… it is okay for a baby to sit in it a half dozen times a week.

Hello people! We live in the damn GREAT LAKES state, but we have contaminated water for residents of Flint, and likely other places. This is absolutely ridiculous. Companies need to leave the water as good, or better, than how it was when they got there. I may not be a liberal (any more) but it doesn’t mean I don’t believe that companies and people have responsibility to not POISON others. I mean here’s Michigan DEQ Lead and Copper Rule – but apparently that means nothing. In which case, why should we believe them “now”?

Oh well, let me add here that I do have a dream water filter. Anyone want to send me a gift? Here you go! Takes  out the fluoride that we’re being legally poisoned by (fluoride isn’t even good for teeth people, it also lowers IQ, but yeah, let’s ADD it and have minimum levels needed in municipal sources). The Berkey Water filter is recommended because it removes crap like aluminum and arsenic that are found in tap water, while still leaving the “good” stuff.

So that’s about it from here this week! Thanks for stopping by One Michigan Mom blog!