Michigan’s the Place to Be in 2016

Welcome, welcome! Welcome back to Michigan.

Okay no one exactly said that (okay, my family may have), but that’s how I felt when I returned to Michigan 10 months ago. Michigan’s the place I live and love. From tall ever greens to cars and education to having 4 out of 5 of the Great Lakes, Michigan is really an awesome place to be.

As we bring in 2016, I invite my readers to check out all that Michigan has to offer. I’ll be hopefully showing you more about this great state with this fun blog.

Michigan, two great peninsulas each surrounded by great lakes and over 11,000 inland lakes (take that Minnesota!), has plenty to offer those who live here and those who come to visit. Michigan has year round fun!

michigan 4th of july lumberjack days

Michigan 4th of July Parade in Baraga, MI. Part of the area’s Lumberjack Days.

Did you know that Michigan has the longest freshwater shoreline in the world? Yes!

I grew up near Lake Superior, which is remote but is the largest fresh water lake in the world!  Size-wise, Lake Superior is largest by surface area with 31,700 miles! Yes, Lake Baikal holds more water, because it is deeper, but Lake Superior is the largest by surface area.
So with this site, I plan to show you water falls, farms, auto shows, and more. As a mom, I’ll try to explore Michigan with the eyes of others who may be visiting for the first time and want to know what is kid friendly, what is family friendly and what may just be something the kids will learn a new way to be to enjoy that part of Michigan.
Michigan is a wonderland of sorts, even if the weather is changing every few minutes, a Michigander can definitely survive a variety of weather. And that goes for this Yooper who has finally found her way back to Michigan.

Let me introduce you to my Michigan.