New Fusion Foods at Noodles and Company + Giveaway

When it comes to food, we all have our favorites. My favorite food has a bit of a kick. I tell you, I grew up with pretty normal processed, bland, mid-western food. Hot dogs in Mac N Cheese, maybe a lasagna on a special day. But now, I love foods from all around the world, and fusion food makes the cut too.

Noodles and Company – Fusion Food with Authentic Flavor

Noodles and Company hosted some of us Michigan bloggers for a tasting event at their location in Royal Oak recently. Two new dishes on their menu include a lovely Thai Green Curry & Pork Adobo. The Thai Green Curry is absolutely tasty. It has a good spicy kick, but light on the curry wetness since it is a noodle dish, not a rice dish. This is a new favorite for sure.

The Pork adobo can be done porkless, but it was tasty. It isn’t really a Filipino style adobo, more Spanish I guess. But, it was moist pork with a good marination.

Thai Green Curry of Pad Thai? Plenty of fusion food options at Noodles and Company

Thai Green Curry of Pad Thai? Plenty of fusion food options at Noodles and Company

Noodles and Company has many locations near me in SE Michigan. My family loves the endless options and that everything is fresh and made with basic, whole foods. Plus, we love spicy food, and we can all get something we like. Thai inspired? Yep! Japanese pan noodles? Check? Mac N Cheese!? Absolutely! They have all the favorites and more.

Noodles & Company Giveaway

Noodles and company Fusion Food Menu and more

Their menu is constantly updating and they use real food.

It is cooked just the way you like it. For my family we love that most everything can be made meatless, after all two of the four of us are vegetarian. Want extra cheese on your Penne Rosa? How about spinach in your Japanese Pan Noodles? No problem. Since the menu is fully customized, you add your protein, choose the additional toppings, etc they have to cook everything to order.

It is fast food, but it also comes to your table yummy, delicious and is entirely real food.