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OMG Cars 3 is on its way – See the Trailer! Cars 3 Opens June 16, 2017

Whether you’ve watched Cars and Cars 2 so many times you have it memorized, or if it is just something your kids watch, there’s no reason to not be excited for Cars 3 to be released.

cars 3 movie trailer

Cars 3 could be the 2017 must-see movie, and may be the summer block buster.

CARS 3 opens in theaters everywhere on June 16, 2017!

This is the perfect back to summer movie for kids and adults! After all, when it comes to summer fun, movies are needed to catch a break from the heat! I’m excited that my son will enjoy this movie and my daughter won’t mind it either. When it comes to family time, there are some movies that are bound to be classics that we absolutely must see as a family. This is one of them.

Of course if you don’t own Cars 1 and 2, I highly recommend downloading them from Amazon (affiliate) or buying them so that the younger crowd especially can appreciate the full story line.

Summer 2017 Movie: Cars 3 Trailer

Check it out and build the excitement for what could be summer 2017 blockbuster movie!

It appears to be slightly darker than the original, but will still have us rooting for our classic friends. After all, those of us who have watched Cars 1 and 2, we know that only time would tell if Lightning McQueen could last forever. Now in Cars 3, the new generation of cars may be too much for the legend! How can you win against the new guys? Could the inspiration from the late Fabulous Hudson Hornet help keep Lightning Going? We can only know who the winner of the Piston Cup will be if we watch the movie.

We all know that he was cocky and a bit smug on his first course, but as we age we get a bit more realistic. Will we see the same happen in Cars 3?

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