When in Royal Oak, Have a Morrie Time

When it comes to visiting some place new, you can ensure a great time with a good drink, good conversation and good food.

The Morrie, in Royal Oak

A unique touch at The Morrie

That is exactly what I found at Royal Oak’s downtown establishment, The Morrie.

The Morrie, Hip Establishment in Royal Oak MI

I was able to stop in with other Michigan bloggers for a weekend brunch. Their unique decor is a fun reminder of weekends listening to good music, hanging with friends and really exploring old 70s and 80s hits.

the Morrie is located in downtown Royal Oak, within walking distance of city parking (and Sally’s, the Upscale Salvation Army thrift store). I highly recommend that stop if you’re into thrift shopping for high end clothing. Anyway, the Morrie has a variety of seating with, what I’m sure is, good people watching on weekend evenings too.

Brunch Menu at the Morrie

The Morrie brunch menu is well priced. You can find both vegetarian (eggetarian) recipes as well as high carb options, or even a few options for those looking at paleo-type options.

Morrie brunch menu

The Morrie offers a good selection for brunch. Their tater tots inside are yummy. Also try their sweet potato tater tots.

They have plenty of bowl options, omelettes and lots of good drinks. Other tried their take on omelettes and even some avocado toast or a fruit bowl. See their menu at http://themorrie.com

Bloodie morrie

A bloody Morrie comes with the taste you’d expect, plus a major kick!

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When it comes to a road house brunch, what do you look for? Good food? Awesome decor? Comfy seating for your group of friends? The Morrie has plenty of options, so why not stop in and give them a try the next time you’re in Royal Oak?