SE Michigan American Girl Book Club!

​I’m super excited to announce a summer book club for tweens! Yes, we’ve decided to host an American Girl book club in the Plymouth, MI area, and of course welcome those in Livonia, Novi, Northville, and Canton area, too! If you’re willing to drive in from Ann Arbor or beyond, we welcome you as well!

American girl book club in plymouth mi

Help us make this great! Plymouth, MI American Girl Book Club summer 2016

We are very excited to start this tween book club

I joined my first book club in high school – it was a reading and discussion club and it included reading, fun food, after school discussion, and often the movie as well. I fell in love with a few authors then and really discovered that other people enjoyed reading too! Now I’ve had my share of book clubs since then, but I want to share that same experience with my daughter, so I’m hoping to gather others to have an American Girl Book Club! I know that had I “realized” others enjoyed reading as much as I did earlier on, I probably would have been an even more seasoned reader of good books! Really!

This book club isn’t necessarily for just the kids who absolutely love to read. My daughter enjoys it, but doesn’t have a passion for it. I’m creating this specifically to encourage her to read through the summer. Since she is super social, having a book club is a good option!

Encourage reading all summer long with a book club

I really hope to use this is a great way to encourage reading through the summer, as well as help kids have guided discussions on topics that kids face now (Lea) and in the past (Melody). If there’s interest this will continue after the summer ends as well.

Our first discussion will be in early July and the girls will discuss Melody’s first book.

So yes, you’ll need to get a copy of Melody Ellison’s book and encourage your child to start reading the story. These books are listed for age 8+, but really, you can do guided reading with a 6-7 year old (entering 2nd or 3rd grade?), but it is up to you.

Buy Melody Ellison American Girl books for book club

Our first book will be a Michigan book, with Melody Ellison’s first book, which is available now.

The plan is to read two books this summer and meet after each book. We’ll have a snack and discussion for the kids, as well as time for them to interact as kids do 🙂

You can buy either just the first book, or go for the set if you believe your daughter will enjoy the entire series. You can always buy the additional single books later if your daughter needs the time to complete the book before we meet (TBD, early July).

Book Availability

I haven’t found the book in many libraries yet, so I recommend ordering online or from your local book store. The second book we’ll read (Lea) is available from Scholastic, if you order through your school.

Three book set is available for preorder on amazon (aff) for June 23rd Delivery, but the first book (which the girls will discuss, is available now)

About American Girl Melody

Melody Ellison is an optimistic, enthusiastic girl growing up in Detroit, Michigan during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. She’s excited and proud to share a special surprise with her family—she’s been chosen to sing a solo for Youth Day at her church! But what song will she choose? She gets advice from her big brother, and is also inspired by her older sister, but it’s the inspirational words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that help her pick the perfect song.

There are many unfair things happening during Melody’s time, even to people in her own family. But it’s an unimaginable tragedy in the South that leaves Melody silent. Who can help her lift her voice and sing —who will inspire her to “keep stepping”? 232 pages. Paperback. Author: Denise Lewis Patrick. Ages 8+

Our second book (July/August reading) will be Lea Clark book 1. With this book, we will meet and discuss, as well as have a tea party for the girls. If the space allows, we will also watch the movie and let the girls bring their dolls to play!

The American Girl Lea movie is set to release in June, so hopefully your kiddo can wait until August to watch it and enjoy with new friends who also love reading and American girl!

How to Join American Girl Book Club (SE Michigan)

To join this book club, fill out the form below. If you have any questions, email us at plymouthamericangirlbc at gmail dot com

Positive identity required before information will be given for protection of all involved. If you aren’t nearby and still want to participate, you can also email me. tell me your city and I’ll let you know if others email me or if I know of a group near you!