Swim Safe – An Important Life Skill, Especially in Michigan

Do you know how to swim? I know for me, I mostly doggy paddle. But it is a skill that I feel my kids must know how to do. My daughter can swim but we’ve tried so many lessons and my son just wasn’t getting it. Recently I’ve begun partnering with Goldfish Swim School and in just a few lessons my son has something clicking. He is finally getting it! Living in Michigan, not being able to swim is a major safety concern.

swim safe goldfish canton

Swim Safe is important. Lessons and knowing basic safety rules for the pool can help.

Water Safety Awareness Week December 4th – December 10th

The  main focus at Goldfish Swim School is always safety in and around the water. During the week of December 4th, Goldfish Swim Schools will place an extra emphasis on water safety rules. Children will also receive a special Safety Day ribbon and card for participating. Be sure to ask your little fish about being safe! One thing to consider is does your child ALWAYS ask for permission before entering the water? Do they get acknowledgement from a parent?
Knowing how to swim is an important life skill. It actually can be a matter of life and death.

Water play is risky, swim safe is important

According to the CDC, From 2005-2014, there were an average of 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings (non-boating related) annually in the United States — about ten deaths per day. An additional 332 people died each year from drowning in boating-related incidents. (

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We all want our kids to be safe, and we want them to enjoy life. However, we also need to recognize how safety and fun go hand and hand. You can lower your stress level by knowing your child is safe when around and in the water.