Three Books That Take Place in Michigan That Are Must Reads

With the deep of winter upon us and the price of having all the streaming content going increasing, it may be time to grab a good book. Here are three books that take place in Michigan that are must reads. Michigan books and Michigan authors are always fun to track. Check out these books to bring you some new relaxation this season.

Michigan authors and books for your 2023 winter reading list
Michigan books to pick up and read this season

Michigan Authors and Michigan reads

There are a plethora of popular Michigan authors, but sometimes our new favorite books come from authors that are new to us. Here are some of my latest reads where the setting is based in Michigan.

Women of the Coppery Country

Women of the Copper country takes place over 100 years ago, when Calumet almost became Michigan’s capital. Life for those in the mines was different than those who were part of the Copper Country Aristocracy. This book brings it all in and has us feeling for those who lived that life. If you are one who loves historical fiction with a strong female lead, this book is for you.

Welcome to Nightjar

From Saline, Michigan, comes author Jennifer Vivekanand. The setting is Nightjar, a fictional town in Michigan. The author quickly draws even an adult reader into this teen novel. Zadie is an orphan and her experience living with her great aunt is both believable and gripping. While it takes a bit to set the scene, the overall read of this story is balanced and leaves the reader thinking about the experience.

Joyce Carol Oates: them

I can pick just about any of the books by Joyce Carol Oates and read it again and again and learn something new about the story and about myself. them, takes places in Detroit and gives us the perspective of various family members and their struggle, their feelings and their overcoming them. While I will always think of “We Were the Mulvaneys” first when I come across Oates, I find that her short stories draw me in as well. As a Michigan author, she brings perspective in the Wonderland Quartet series, which includes A Garden of Earthly Delights, Expensive People, and Wonderland, and them.

Which Michigan books are ones that bring you in? Do you prefer realistic fiction? Current affair books interest some, but maybe you prefer something that just lets you not think about your everyday life?