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Safety Tips To Avoid Common Kitchen Hazards That Everyone Should Read

The kitchen is one of the most critical or dangerous areas of the house. From falling and slipping up to cut wounds and food poisoning, this is where accidents and injuries usually happen from time to time.

Extra precaution must always be taken in the kitchen. But it doesn’t mean that you have to change the way you use it or even spend some money to make it extra safe for you and your family. Following the tips below is surely enough help you eliminate or minimize the hazards in the kitchen.

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Food Poisoning – Make sure that everything you use in the kitchen, from the tools you use up to the ingredients are all clean. It’s also very important to wash your hands thoroughly before starting the cooking process. All items in the kitchen must be sanitized to avoid any kind of bacteria from building up. All food items must be well covered and stored at room temperature to prevent them from spoiling and catching airborne germs.

Cuts and Wounds – Cuts and lacerations are very common in the kitchen. With all the knives and other sharp tools used for cutting and slicing present, it’s almost inevitable. According to studies, cut injuries are often the result using dull knives, improper cutting techniques and unsecured cutting boards. To avoid this accident, you must always use high quality knives and non-slip cutting boards. It’s also best that your hands are dry before cutting all the meat and vegetables. You can also check out some online resource about the proper way of cutting and slicing to avoid any kind of cut injuries or wounds.

Slipping – Clean any kind of spills as soon as they happen. Make sure that the floor is completely and always dry as well. It’s also highly recommended to use non slip mat or rug around the kitchen. Items at the countertops must always be secured to avoid making slipping incidents more serious. It’s also highly advisable to turn the handle of pans over the stove top to eliminate the possibility of knocking them over.

Fire and Burns – Always wear the proper kitchen attire while cooking. Neckties, loose sleeves and long hair can ignite easily when they come in contact with the burner. Tie your hair up and change your clothing before cooking. Make sure that your body won’t come close to the range to avoid getting burn. Remove any kind of liquids that might spill over the stovetop. Most important of all, don’t leave your stovetop unattended. Installing stove guard is also highly recommended as well.

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