Tips and Tricks to Keep Your House Clean and Organize With Kids

Keeping the house clean all the time is a big challenge. Keeping it organize with kids is a bigger challenge.

Having a clutter-free home is almost impossible when you have kids running almost 24/7. The mess is almost endless. Toys are everywhere. Traces of foods can be seen at all corners. The only time you can actually clean up is when they decided to take a nap or sleep at their beds.

What if I tell you that you can actually keep your house tidy and almost clutter-free even with kids, Will you believe me? You should! Below are some of the tried and tested tips that can help keep the house clean even with kids actively playing.

Kids Toys

Set playtime rule.

Talk to your kids. Tell them that they can only play one set of a toy at a time. So if they chose one box of toys, they can’t take out another one. It might be hard for them to understand this but once it becomes a routine or a habit, things will go well for you and your kids.

Designate a play area.

If your kids love to play at the living room, designate an area or a corner that can become their play space. You can draw a line at that space to set boundaries and tell them that it’s the only place where their toys can be played. It might sound like a strict rule but if you can incorporate some sort of fun and excitement with this, much better.

Whatever you pick up, it goes straight in the donation or garbage box.

Tell your kids that if cleaning time come up and you picked up some of their toys; it will go straight to the donation or garbage box. This way, they will become more eager to pick up their toys before cleaning time comes up. You will be surprised how this kind of rule alone can make a huge difference in your house.

Assign a play master for the day.

If you have more than 2 kids, this could be fun and exciting rule for them. For each day, one of your kids will be assigned as the play master who will ensure that everything is at its place after playtime hours. Make this more exciting by giving them some sort of award after job is completed.

Communication is the key for these tips to become more effective. Some of them might be hard for your kids to understand and comprehend but once they do, your house will become more organize, clean and almost clutter-free.

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