5 Easy-To-Follow Tips To Organize Your Bathroom

Organizing the bathroom doesn’t have to be time consuming, stressful and expensive. Sometimes, all you need is a careful planning and preparation plus practical ideas that are now freely available online (check Pinterest).

If you wanted to give your bathroom a fresh look or you simply wanted to make it more organized than before, below are pretty effective tips that can surely help you.

Organized Bathroom

Start with medicine cabinet.

Medicine cabinets, aside from storing some of your medicines, can be also a good place to store some of your bathroom supplies. Make it a repository of stuff that you use almost daily. It can store some of your grooming supplies and more.  Just make sure that the items inside your medicine cabinet are well organized and placed to avoid mixing them up. And oh, check out those medicines because some of them might be expired.

Hair product control

Hair gel, sprays, combs, brush, dryers and curlers can sometimes take up a great amount of space in the bathroom. Here’s a quick fix for it. If you have a clear plastic tub or container, you can load all you hair products at it then place it at certain area, for example under the sink.  This makes it easier for you to take out and clean up all of your supplies if not in use.

Add some towel rods or hooks.

Towel hooks or rods installed at a bathroom door are an inexpensive way to add more storage. This can also help you organize towels according to its owners.

Organize your drawers

Bathroom drawers are often the victim of total chaos or mess. If your drawers are unorganized, you will probably find lots of containers, sachets and other bathroom products in it, all mix up. To make it and keep it organized, try to install some dividers at it. You can get ideas of DIY drawer dividers online especially on Pinterest.

Claim the wall space

Wall space at your bathroom can be used as a storage area (shelves) to minimize clutter. For example, the space above the toilet can be used to put extra toiletries and towels. You can find lots of ideas about this online and majority of them won’t cost you a dime.

Keeping the bathroom organized at all times is a tough task, most especially if you have a big family or you have kids around. But with these tips, pretty sure you can make it look fresh and clean from time to time.

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