Tips: Our Walt Disney Vacation on the Cheap (4 people, under $2100)

Ah! Booked, finally! We’ve been eyeing up a Disney vacation for quite a while. But, as most everyone knows, Disney can get expensive. But, it is supposed to be the Happiest Place On Earth. Right? Well, I did tell my 7 year old that because she does tend to have an attitude that nothing is good enough. So, hopefully she’ll be happy when we head on our vacation. Ticker

So I am not a Disney expert, and definitely not a Disney fanatic (as indicated by the fact that I’m 35 and have never been to any Disney place), but I love a good deal, so here’s how we are doing 4 round trip direct flights + 4 nights in a Marriott-brand hotel + 2 days at Disney (Magic Kingdom only) for just around $2000.

Disney on the cheap

Disney on the Cheap

How did I get such a great Disney Deal?

I tried for weeks to find a deal for Disney via Costco travel that would get us to Disney (as in flights, hotel and passes for the 4 of us) for under $3000 and I just couldn’t do it. Plus, we wanted to stay within Delta for flights (our other option out of DTW was Spirit, and we wanted to take more than 4 purses on board) and Marriott because we have “status” with them. So, alas, I abandoned the Costco idea and found that actually, Marriott Travel has some great deals. We’re not staying onsite so we won’t get the shiney bracelets in the mail that everyone showcases on social media, but TripAdvisor is my friend and tells me that you can see the fireworks from Marriott and basically that’s what I’m looking for (plus Easy access to the park and free breakfast are benefits as well.)

Hints for Saving Money on Vacation

  • Don’t travel on Mondays and Fridays. Sundays can also be bad
  • Saturdays are often are more expensive at hotels
  • Weeks after holidays are often less expensive
  • Book a hotel that includes at least one free meal
  • Take snacks to the park
  • Splurge once
  • Book a hotel that has a kitchenette and “make your own” meal once a day.

There are very few sites that give cheap Disney tickets, and if you’re looking at a few day trip versus a week trip, it is just as easy to buy from Disney itself.

I booked Disney tickets online on their site after creating an account so that I could easily “link” them to use fast pass. After purchase, I then used my confirmation number to “start my Disney experience.” Doing so allows you to book a fast pass for a few events. I called customer service and they indicated to ensure that my confirmation number attached to my account I may want to do “will call tickets” but I took a risk and it payed off. We’ll still get tickets in the mail, but I have my “linked” account in time so I can book my fast pass options at the 30 day mark. I did NOT want to pay for fast shipping, after all!

Making the most of travel days on vacation

While we are new to Disney, we are not new to travel. My kids are well-traveled and I know how many days they can take (and I know how many days it takes to get caught up on laundry… usually double the days gone).

In this case, for Disney, We decided to make the most of our days by arriving early on the first day (check out the pool and have fun) and then leaving late on the last day. This maximizes your trip. If you’re flying, which we are, consider the flight times. A flight that leaves at the crack of dawn doesn’t give you much extra time versus a later flight the day before and you save on one night at a hotel (and likely a meal).

Oh and if you are really inclined, do laundry while on vacation so that you bring back clean clothes. Of course, that requires use of time, so that’s up to you. I’ve done it (and even washed cloth diapers on vacation) and it really isn’t so bad 🙂

Many people say you need to book 6 plus months in advance. Honestly, that’s not always true. We booked just over 4 weeks in advance and it definitely is more affordable than traveling peak season.

Our plan is to continue reading for tricks and trips and using fast pass on “must sees” for my kids that also have long lines. We also plan to be there mid-week instead of on the weekend for less crowd.

Here are some tips from my blogging friends that will hopefully help visits to Disney.

What are your Disney tips and tricks?