What in the World is Going On

It’s six in the evening and I step outside…

Be honest: Does anyone know about what’s happening elsewhere in the world right now?¬† How about in Armenia right now? We are over here with our advertiser-funded media telling us what to think. What we think entirely depends on the channel. Right or left, depending on if you watch Fox or CNN, all the while we are ignoring the rest of the world.


The local news has us afraid of coronavirus. My home county apparently tested 10% of the population in 7 days. They had gone mostly unaffected until recently. It seems the surge came and hopefully went. Coronavirus¬†is a real illness, it is an infection that can be horrible for some, but for many it is not much worse than a cold or flu. We are fighting with neighbors over whether kids should be in school and whether mental health risks and academic risks outweigh coronavirus risks. The professionals first said no masks, then told us yes to masks. They tell us masks work, then they say masks and distance aren’t enough in schools. We also know that no one wears masks perfectly, so clearly, something has to give. The only thing to fear is fear itself, right?

What in the world

Our pro-interventionist government puts us in wars and conflicts ALL the time. Is there a hegemony anymore and do we want to be it? When it comes to these battles, we have no idea the history or why we are involved but we send our 18 year olds abroad to fight for something, somewhere of which we have no background knowledge. No wonder we ended up in Iraq. (Remember the joke: How did American oil get over there?)

Seriously people

You don’t walk up to a fight between strangers, start kicking butt and not taking names, right? You align with your buddies sure, but it remains their fight. Unless you’re at a bar, then it is everyone’s fight, right? But let’s NOT be the drunk uncle.

Money and Politics and Wars

When it comes to donors deciding our wars, that has to stop. I do think Trump has helped in that accord as I KNOW Hillary would have had us in more conflicts (check who contributed and then pulled out of the Clinton foundation when she lost)… The donor money tied to her being Secretary of State: Gone. They knew they couldn’t get deals with her out of power so POOF, they’re gone. Shouldn’t a foundation be about GOOD things?

All About the Bidens Now?

If we believe what we read on Twitter, Biden’s outside influence with firing for money is something we should worry about if he wins.

The question is, if we all knew more about world politics would we LET out government intervene as much as it does? As a small -l libertarian (meaning I’m not a party member and do not adhere to believing in all their principles), I prefer that we have military to protect us, and to not intervene unless absolutely necessary. And definitely not to just boost up the military suppliers. Yes, war is an industry.

Bringing it Back Home

So as we sit here committing the crime of stealing and defacing political signs, know that the world is bigger. Our downfall will be choosing to not look past politics and care for those who think and look differently.

P.S., Those who give away freedom, do not deserve it.